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TEXMiN Innovation Hub

Promoting CPS technologies in mining and exploration

About TEXMiN

In order to carry out the activities of TIH at IIT (ISM), a section 8 Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) has been established in the name of Technology Innovation in Exploration & Mining Foundation [TEXMiN].
The section 8 company is working as an umbrella body to nurture and promote the objectives and activities of the TIH as per the approved DPR within the framework of NM-ICPS, DST, GoI.

With leading-edge knowledge, competency and facilities, the TEXMiN Hub will foster research innovation, world-class technology, and product development in context of Mining 4.0. TIH will work in close collaboration with the mining industry to deliver industrial technology and products and create a vibrant innovation ecosystem by providing a reliable platform for technology-based start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Mining, exploration is the foundation of all value creation. It identifies new ore bodies for development, replenishes reserves depleted through production, and replaces those rendered uneconomic by falling commodity prices. TEXMiN Hub will foster research innovation, world-class technology, and product development in context of Mining 4.0 based on AI, IoT, Big Data Intregation.

The implementation of the TIH activities will be based on TD: Technology Development, CoE Centre of Excellence, HRD: Human Resource Development & Skill Development I&E: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Start-ups Ecosystem IC: International collaborations. to achieve sustainability. The implementation of the Hub activities will be made through TMU governed by the HGB created for the purpose.

Key Objectives

Promoting technology innovation & translation in exploration and minning


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Capacity Building

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CSR Activities

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Recent Activities

 Chanakya UG Fellowship Program
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 Chanakya PG Fellowship Program
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 Entrepreneurship-in-Residence (EIR) Program
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 Call for proposal (Startup)
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 Call for proposal (Technical)
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 Innaguration of SMAC
 DST Startup Utsav
 Dassualt Systems CoE  in India 
Amount Funded

Scope of Areas

Promoting Translation Researches and technology development in exploration and mining.

Wearable for Workers

Workers are wearing monitoring devices will have on-demand access to critical information regarding mine operations, including equipment status reports , and air quality conditions

Equipment Management

To develop technology based on artificial intelligence for periodic maintenance of equipment for optimized working.

Automation & Digitalization

To automate mines for developing and enhancing the process of mining for increased efficiency.

Drone Technology

Design and Development of drones for monitoring, mapping and maintenance to increase efficiency and safety.


Developing communication technology for underground mines for better connectivity.

Data optimization and machine learning

Optimizing data collection by equipment and machines for engineers to schedule operations and complete highly complex tasks.

Our Start-Ups

Promoting technology innovation and translation of CPS Technologies in exploration and mining...together!

"We’re changing the way Exploration & Mining is built by utilizing Digital transformation & ICPS Technology to achieve 3S Mining leading to Mining 4.0"

Our Collaborators

Collaboration with companies like you inspires us to be the best we can, and we would like to thank you for that.

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